Rewards & Recognition

The purpose of MANDHHIRAM's employee Rewards & Recognition program is to recognize and reward work & behaviour that support the mission, goals, values and initiatives of MANDHHIRAM, to encourage a culture where the recognition of excellent performance and achievement is encouraged through the use of rewards that are creative, flexible, and meaningful.

This collaboration fosters an environment that is rewarding, challenging, and fun.

When employees and their work are valued, their satisfaction and productivity rises, and they are motivated to maintain or improve their good work. That is why MANDHHIRAM has also focused on building a work culture that celebrates not only fun but the performance of our associates as well.

As part of this program our associates receive Various Awards, Gift Coupons, Gift Vouchers, and Amazing Gifts during festivals and many more Complimentary Benefits.

Some information like Process, Execution, Criteria, Distribution and terms & conditions has been kept confidential as this is our internal program.

Our Rewards and Recognition program is fair, equitable, value employee performance, support business objectives and are competitive in the marketplace. We do all these as our associates are great asset for our organization.

You can be part of this great innovative Program too. We welcome you to join with MANDHHIRAM family.