Mandhhiram Regular Puja Kit (11 Puja Items Inside)

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Puja is essentially a ritual or ceremonial worship, in which offerings are made to God/goddess with devotion to earn his/her love and blessings. Puja is allied to our each & every activity commixing deeply with our lives. To perform such rites & rituals, you would want to entail all sorts of Puja samagri from time to time. Puja delineates well to heave away all our problems related to life.

The biggest task in this course is to hop every shop for all the inevitable items needed to perform puja, homa and rituals. To fill that gap, mandhhiram brings to fulfill all your wishes without having to bother yourself with the redundant purchasing process.

Mandhhiram Regular Puja Kit is designed to cover the important Puja items for your complete puja. All the puja items packed are sacred, fresh and natural. Try our Customized Regular Puja kit for your hassle free and complete Puja/Rituals at your home/Temple.

Mandhhiram Regular Puja Kit:
Contains 11 Puja Items inside the Branded Box

Special Puja Turmeric-2 Packs, Special Puja Kumkum-2 Packs, Sacred Vibhuthi-1 Piece, Incense Sticks-2 Packs, Puja Camphor-2 Packs, Natural Gangajal(The Holy Water)-2 Pouches, Puja Lamp Oil-1 Bottle, Special Puja Ghee-1 Bottle, Asthgandha Chandan Powder-1 Bottle, Dhoop Sticks-1 Box, Cotton Wicks(2 Types)-2 Packs.

The shipping charges are applicable.Mandhhiram Regular Puja Kit will be delivered all over india.

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