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Abhaya Anjaneya Yantra in Glass Frame

Abhaya Anjaneya Yantra in Glass Frame..

Rs. 300
Gurrapu Nada Big

Gurrapu Nada Big..

Rs. 400
Gurrapu Nada Medium Size

Gurrapu Nada Medium Size..

Rs. 250
Gurrapu Nada Small

Gurrapu Nada Small..

Rs. 200
Janakarshana Yantra (Glass Frame)

Janakarshana Yantra (Glass Frame)..

Rs. 300
Maha Mathsya Yantra with Frame

Maha Mathsya Yantra with Frame..

Rs. 300
Nargosha Yantra

Nargosha Yantra..

Rs. 300
Vaastu Yantra

Vaastu Yantra..

Rs. 300
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